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The Awakening, Sonic Dash and Nagada shine  : The Coverage


The Awakening, Sonic Dash and Nagada shone when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning (Jan. 16).

Outer sand: 1000m: Sonic Dash (Yash Narredu), Mystical Rose (M. Bhaskar) 1-10, 800/56.5, 600/43. Former moved impressively and finished two lengths in front. The Awakening (Mudassar) 1-8.5, 800/53, 600/40. Pleased.

Inner sand: 800m: Hope And Glory (rb) 55, 600/41.5. Moved well. Yellow Sapphire (rb), Secret Of Love (Koshi Kumar), Western Girl (rb) 1-2.5, 600/46.5. Presto Power (rb) 1-2.5, 600/47. Easy. A 3-y-o (One Lucky
Dane – Capriani) (rb), Cherokee Run (rb) 1-1.4, 600/46.5. They were easy. A 3-y-o (Phoenix Tower – Bristol Fighter) (S. Imran), Eiffel Tower (rb) 1-1.5, 600/44. Former finished a length in front. A 3-y-o (Total Gallery – Megara) (rb) 1-3, 600/46. Easy.

1000m: Trump Baby (rb) 1-12, 800/59.5, 600/45. Eased up. Bomber Jet (Koshi Kumar), Radiant Star (rb) 1-17.5, 800/1-0.5, 600/45.5. They finished together. Trending Princess (Inayat) 1-15.5, 800/1-1.5, 600/47. Easy. Dominant (rb) 1-17.5, 800/1-2.5, 600/47.5. Anatolia (Farhan Alam) 1-15.5, 800/1-1, 600/46.5. Easy. Nagada (rb) 1-10, 800/57, 600/43. Handy. My Opinion (S. Kabdhar) 1-14.5, 800/1-0.5, 600/46. Aurora Borealis (Shyam Kumar), 1-15., 800/1-1.5, 600/47.5. Easy. Divine Splendour (Farid Ansari) 1-16, 800/1-2, 600/46.5. Easy.

1200m: The Intimidator (rb) 1-33, (1200-600) 42. Eased up.

Gate practice (inner sand): 1000m: Turf Beauty (Farhan Alam), Wonderful Era (Farid Ansari) 1-13.32. They were eased up. Namak Halaal (Manikandan), Krishaa’s Choice (Indrajeet Kumar), Single Malt (Ramandeep) 1-6.57. They jumped out well. Daiyamondo (rb), Vayu (S. Imran), Beauregard (rb) 1-7.29. They took a good jump. Planet Venus (Yash Narredu), Glorious King (M. Bhaskar) 1-2.89. A level jump, former finished well, in front. Mister Moonlight (Farhan Alam), Martingale (rb) 1-9.68. Former who was slowly off extended and finished well in front. Nashvegas (M.S. Deora), Mastery (S. Kamble) 1-9.42. They took a good jump. Fine Promise (Ramandeep), Babu Vamsee (rb) 1-10.56. Golden Warrior (Mudassar), Brilliant Way (B. Dharshan) 1-11.21. A level jump. Diamond Gold (Manikandan), Born To Be Spoilt (rb) 1-8.42. They jumped out well. Sir Baffert (S. Imran), Protea (rb), Ribolla Gialla (R. Manish) 1-4. Sir Baffert was slowly off, covered good ground and finished well in front. Ruling Star (M. Bhaskar), Pure For Sure (B. Dharshan) 1-12.72. Both jumped out well. Little Wonder (rb), Raffinato (S. Imran) 1-4.20. A level jump.

Noted on Sunday (Jan. 15):

Outer sand: 800m: Rwanda (S. Kabdhar) 58, 600/43. Urged. Mastery (S. Kamble) 1-1, 600/46. Easy.

1600m: Arc De Triomphe (S. Kamble) 2-3, 1,400/1-43, 1,200/1-28, 1,000/1-13, 800/59.5, 600/45.5. Moved on the bit.

Inner sand: 600m: Pirate’s Love (Ram Nandan) 41.5. In fine condition.

800m: Haran (Ram Nandan) 57.5, 600/41.5. Pushed. Marshall (Ram Nandan) 58.5, 600/43.5. Shaped well. Bella Amor (Shyam Kumar) 1-0, 600/46.5. Easy. Secret Of Love (rb), Bomber Jet (rb), a 3-y-o (Shifting Power-Par Excellence) (Koshi Kumar) 1-0.5, 600/45.5. They were easy. Nashvegas (M.S. Deora), Hall Of Grace (P.S. Kaviraj) 1-10.5, 800/56, 600/42.5. Former finished three lengths ahead. Little Wonder (rb) 1-12.5, 800/59, 600/45.5. Eased up. Hope And Glory (S. Imran) 1-14, 800/59.5, 600/46. Moved freely. My Opinion (S. Kabdhar) 1-15, 800/1-0.5, 600/46. Easy. Raffinato (S. Imran) 1-17.5, 800/1-2.5, 600/47.5.


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