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UP’s largest biogas plant being developed in Mathura

With 600 tonnes per day feedstock capacity, Barsana plant to emerge as one of the major contributors of bio-energy

Lucknow: The construction of Uttar Pradesh’s largest biogas plant, which will boost production and utilisation of bioenergy in the state, as per the vision of Chief Minister Yogi Additional, is underway in Barsana, Mathura.

With the operation of this plant with a feedstock capacity of 600 tonnes per day, Barsana and other adjoining areas of the state will become one of the major contributors of bio-energy to not only the country but also the world.

It may be recalled that Uttar Pradesh ranks fourth in the country on the basis of the number of biogas plants. To ensure increased production of bioenergy, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also emphasising on promoting biotechnology in the state. The project has begun in collaboration with Shri Mataji Gaushala, Barsana.

The upcoming biogas plant in Barsana will lead to the generation of employment opportunities as well as encourage economic activities in the region and adjoining places. Simultaneously, it will promote the development of a sustainable economy capable of meeting its energy needs. This will significantly improve and maintain the SDG index of the state.

‘Waste To Wealth’

As per the minimum estimates, it is expected to generate 65 million tonnes per annum of biomass (animal dung + crop residue) which can help generate 2.5 million tonnes per annum of bioCBG and 20 million tonnes per annum of solid and liquid manure. With only 5 per cent of the total production of CBG and organic manure, the exchequer can generate corpus in the range of Rs 1000 to 1200 crore per year.

To provide employment to 5 lakh people

MoPNG has set a target of setting up 5000 biogas plants with the help of oil and gas marketing companies. At the same time, the government has so far issued over 3400 Letters of Intent (LOIS) for setting up Compressed Biogas (CBG) plants across the country, most of them in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh has the capacity to set up about 500 CBG plants, which will also bring in capital investment of about Rs 50,000 crores and generate direct and indirect employment opportunities for about 5 lakh people.

Adani Total Gas has entered into a unique public welfare partnership with Shri Mataji Gaushala. Under this, the market price of the cattle dung along with the land on rent from the gaushala and the purchase of the entire quantity of dung has been assured. Also, a unique provision has been made by dedicating 10 percent of the income to the Gaushala.

As per the development plan of the plant, the target has been set to achieve 600 tonnes per day capacity in three phases. In the first phase, a target of 225 tonnes per day is fixed during the first 11 months of launch. There is a target of 10 tonnes per day CBG, 92 tonnes per day organic manure and 75 tonnes per day rice straw feed stock.

Similarly, in the second phase, the target of 325 tonnes per day will be achieved in a span of 10 months. In this, a target of 24 tonnes per day CBG, 151 tonnes per day organic manure and 150 tonnes per day rice straw and 150 tonnes per day cow dung has been targeted. In the third phase, the capacity of 600 tonnes per day will be completed.

The government has also planned to improve connectivity by developing roads under the Biogas plant project for better transportation of feedstock and cow dung from nearby areas.



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